Returning Student Registration for 2023-2024

  • Note: All returning students must upload proof of residence and a valid picture ID of parent/guardian. 

    Returning student registration opens on April 1, 2023 and will be completed online using ASCENDER ParentPortal.
    Note: To register online, the school must have the same email address that you use for your ParentPortal account. Click here to update your email.

    The link to the ParentPortal login screen can be found HERE.

    When creating your ParentPortal account, you will need your student's Portal ID so that you can link the student to your account.
    All campuses are sending Portal ID letters home with every student.
    If you need to request a Student Portal ID, please fill out this form: Request a Portal ID.

    All returning students will be required to upload the following:

    • Picture ID of the parent/guardian enrolling the student.
    • Proof of residence – Most recent electric bill or lease agreement (address must match Photo ID/Driver’s License).

    Registration will not be complete until both documents are uploaded to ParentPortal.

    Click HERE for step-by-step instructions for completing the Returning Student Registration process.

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  • check your email address

    In order to register online, the school must have the same email address that you use for the ParentPortal. Your email must be the same in both places. Click here to update your email.

  • go to parentportal

    1. Log into ParentPortal
      Note: If you are a NEW ParentPortal user, you will need to create an account. If you need to create a new account, click the link, "Create Account."
    2. Once you are logged into ParentPortal you will see a popup box stating that "Registration is in Progress".
      You have two choices: close the box at the top right-hand corner or click the “Resume Registration” button.
    3. If you have multiple children, select the appropriate child's box on the Summary screen and click the Registration button.
    4. You are ready to begin the Returning Student Registration process.
    5. You will see your child’s data, which is held in our student information system.
    6. If the data box is grayed out, then you can only view the data. You will need to contact the school to make a change.
    7. If the data box is white, then you are able to change the data.
    8. When you have scrolled through the entire page and are complete (with or without updates), you will select the Save Form button to save your changes. You can return later to complete the remaining forms or you can proceed to the next form by selecting the Next Form button to continue the registration process. 
    9. Please review the information on all of the forms, and respond to questions as needed. As you complete each form, select the Save Form button to save your changes, or select the Next button to confirm until finished.
    10. All returning students will be required to upload proof of residence documentation.
    11. Once you are finished, you will receive a Print Confirmation button. The message will read, "You have registered your child with the current grade level and current school name." If your child will be attending a different school next year, the information will be moved to the new school when our District moves into the 2023-2024 school year. (Example: A current 8th-grade student will be moving to high school for next year or a current 5th-grade student will be moving to middle school).
    12. You can then click the "Return to Summary" button to register additional children or log out of ParentPortal to exit.
  • FAQs

    Please see responses to the Frequently Asked Questions below.

    What if I do not have an account with ParentPortal?
    If you are new to ParentPortal, you can access the login screen using this link:
    Click the Create Account tab to begin creating your account.

    What if I cannot remember my password to my account with ParentPortal?
    Access the ParentPortal login screen using this link:
    Click the Forgot Password? link. You have two options for resetting your password: 1. Enter your username and answer your hint question, or 2. Reset by email.

    What if I cannot remember my username to my account with ParentPortal?
    Access the ParentPortal login screen using this link:
    Click the Forgot User Name? link. Enter your email address and select the Recover User Name button

    What if the Registration in Progress popup is missing?
    Go to the My Account page (the link is in the upper right corner) and check the email you used for this account in the Contact Information section. It must match the same email you provided the school either through Registration or by filling out the “Parent Contact / Email Information" form.
    If your email does not match, click the form link above and submit the email address you used to create your ParentPortal account. Your child’s school will update their email address in our student software system.

    Is my child’s data instantly updated?
    No, this is not an instant update. Each completed registration must be reviewed before the student’s information is updated in our student records.

    What if I received an email stating my change was rejected?
    Log into your ParentPortal account, go to your child’s registration page and you will see a message as to why it has been rejected. In most cases, the rejection would be needing a verification document. For instance, an address change will require a copy of the CPS bill.

  • helpful links

    If you need additional information, please see the links below. Several include photos.

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    Returning Student Enrollment

    Frequently Asked Questions for Returning Registration (Includes Photos)
    For more detailed frequently asked questions that include screen captures, this is the document for you.
    Registration FAQs


  • Questions? Click to submit a question about registration. An ECISD staff member will be in touch with you.