• Mrs. Holliday’s Math I and Math II Classroom Policies

    In this classroom everyone is a learner, a communicator,  a teammate, and a champion. We are all capable of success through hard work, dedication, challenges, growth, belief, and never giving up.


    We all know that math can be difficult and often challenging. In this classroom we are all learners and capable of all challenges. I truly believe that all students can and will be successful in this classroom and in math. It will take hard work, dedication, practice, and belief. It is extremely important to create an environment that is challenging, yet supportive and encouraging. Students are expected to give their best effort every day, come prepared with a pencil and positive attitude, ask questions, clarification, and/or help when needed, collaborate with each other, respect the classroom and everything and everyone in it, and never give up.


    Communication is key in being successful and is a life skill. We are a team in ensuring growth and success for your child/children. I can be contacted through email jackelyn.holliday@ecisd.net, Remind, or a note/letter. Students are encouraged to ask questions and communicate with me when they need help, are struggling, do not understand, or when something is stopping them from being able to give their best effort. 

    Calculators (7th grade ONLY)

    This year students will be learning the second half of 7th grade math and 8th grade math. 8th grade math involves using the graphing calculators. Each student will be provided with a calculator to use in class. Calculators are a privilege, not a right. Students will sign a calculator contract and be assigned a calculator number that they are responsible for. If a student breaks the contact their calculators privileges will be terminated for either short or long term. Students will be taking the 8th grade STAAR this year.


    Grading is based on standards based grading (see student handbook for more information). A grade can be taken from classwork, projects, quizzes, tests, group work, demonstrations, and/or verbally. Each standard will be tested at least twice in class and can be re-tested as many times as the student would like to earn the score they desire. Re-testing can sometimes be done in class, but mostly during tutoring. Grades are posted online and can be accessed on TXConnect (details about the login and password can be obtained from the office). 


    Tutoring will be held from 7:30-7:55am Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Students will sign in to document that they were present and will write the purpose of why they came. During tutoring it is the student’s responsibility to communicate what they need help with and what they would like to re-test. Students can check their grades on TXConnect or ask me during tutoring. Students may not take the opportunity to retest every time they come to tutoring. 


    Students will be provided with a bathroom punch card with 10 punches every nine weeks. Students may use those passes any day during the nine weeks, but are expected to follow the first 10 last 10 rule and not go during a lesson. Students always have the opportunity to go during passing period and if they have an emergency without any penalty. Unused punches will be turned into tickets in a drawing for a prize(s) at the end of the nine weeks.


    Students will be assigned specific homework at least twice a week. Some homework will be assigned online on Khan Academy and some will be paper homework. Students will be provided with a homework punch card as a way to track and reward completed homework. Homework completed on time will receive a punch and after ten punches a prize will be awarded and then a new card will start. Students will be utilizing their folders to put homework in and any extra practice/papers they have. We many not finish all work in class and students are encouraged, and sometimes required, to finish at home. They are expected to study/review their classwork every night and come to class with any questions they may have. Students will be using their notebooks and folders every day in class. Students have a place to store notebooks in class so they do not get lost. Students have the option to take their notebooks home if they choose to, as long as they bring it back the next day.


    Students will be in groups of 3-5 every day, except for testing day. Each student will be assigned a group and a job in the group. The jobs and groups will change every nine weeks and as needed. Students will work daily with their group members as well as individually. Groups are important for teaching the life skills of teamwork, communication, responsibility, and collaboration as well learning from and teaching each other.