About Handle with Care

  • Handle With Care is very simple: law enforcement officers at the scene of a crime or accident identify children who have been exposed to trauma and notify the child's school. The premise of Handle With Care is to mitigate the negative effects of trauma on children. Watch the video below for more information.

  • University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio - UT Health San Antonio - UT Teen Health now has the following E-learning Modules available: Use Organization: ECISD and Password: UTteenhealth

    Trauma-Informed Approach, Part I introduces the trauma-informed approach. Accessed using the following link: https://uthscsa.edu/learning-modules/teen-health/trauma/course-1/

    Trauma-Informed Approach, Part II reviews how individuals can respond to traumatized youth, manage disclosures of abuse, and covers mandatory reporting.  It also discusses how to refrain from re-traumatization and gives tips for building resiliency.  (20 minutes) Accessed using the following link: http://www.utteenhealth.org/Trauma_Info_II 

    Trauma-Informed Approach, Part III outlines how a trauma-informed approach can be adopted by an organization, using six key principles.  (20 minutes)  Accessed using the following link: https://uthscsa.edu/learning-modules/teen-health/trauma/course-3/index.html 

    Use the password:  UTteenhealth

    Trauma-Informed Approach, Part IV provides an explanation of how the individuals who work with traumatized youth may experience vicarious trauma and gives self-care resources that are available to them.  (20 minutes)  Accessed using the following link: https://uthscsa.edu/learning-modules/teen-health/trauma/course-4/index.html 

    Use the password:  UTteenhealth

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