Grades Kinder - 5th G/T Curriculum & Services

  • Grades 1st through 5th receive services through a combination of cluster grouping and pull-out instruction.

    • Cluster grouping allows students to be in heterogeneous groupings within classrooms while providing the opportunity for students to be grouped homogeneously for differentiated instruction. Differentiation of instruction based on individual student needs is a district expectation.
    • Pull-Out instruction may occur regularly or during more intensive times of study. This design allows students to be grouped homogeneously with other gifted students and participate in rigorous academic experiences outside of the regular classroom.

    Instruction at the elementary level is achieved through a pull-out program and students identified to receive G/T services are provided accelerated instruction in all four core areas. Instruction and activities will align to district G/T standards that support critical content TEKS in Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science. Instruction builds knowledge and skills through the following focuses:

    • Growth Mind & Social-Emotional Development- Students are given opportunities to develop and practice various social skills
    • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)- Students utilize the Lego Robotics Curriculum and additional engineering activities
    • Depth & Complexity- One way in which differentiated instruction is accomplished is through the integration of depth and complexity principles, theories, and generalizations into the core curriculum. The curriculum is structured around iconic teaching, which means icons or symbols are utilized to represent the different aspects of depth and complexity.
    • Independent Research (TPSP- Texas Performance Standards Project)- Comprises a set of performance standards, curricula, and assessments for differentiating instruction and deepening academic learning. 

    Scheduling will be individualized per each campus to best meet the needs of the G/T students. Students served in this program will not be penalized for missing regular classroom time. The elementary G/T facilitators will coordinate with classroom teachers to address issues of assignments and grades. Students served through this pull-out program will not be penalized for missing regular classroom time.

    Meet our wonderful K-5 G/T Facilitators:

    Priscilla Garcia              Bradley Grant              Janene Latka

                Priscilla Garcia                                          Bradley Grant                                     Janene Latka


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        Harmony Elementary School                  Pecan Valley Elementary School            Sinclair Elementary School

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