Superintendent Student of The Month

  • One student from every campus is recognized monthly as the "Superintendent's Student of the Month." Criteria for selection are academic performance, attendance, citizenship, and community and school service. The reception honoring the 2019-2020 students is scheduled for Wed., April 29, 2020, from 6PM-7PM at the Patterson Center.

    Congratulations to our Students of the Month!

    September 2019
    Kevin Rodriguez - ECHS
    Shelby Hofmann - Heritage
    Tyler Castleman - Legacy
    Annabelle Morante - Harmony
    Mayah Rosas - Highland Forest
    Aleecia Bell - Oak Crest
    Sofia Sierra - Pecan Valley
    Emma Davila - Salado
    Elliott Yarborough - Sinclair
    Johnnathan Alegria - Tradition

    October 2019
    Candace Landrum - ECHS
    Bryston Johnson - Heritage
    Joshua Sanchez - Legacy
    Hayden Hughes - Harmony
    Emilie Ramirez - Highland Forest
    Ansley Erickson - Oak Crest
    Railynn Gonzales - Pecan Valley
    Blythe Hall - Salado
    Sasha Jackson - Sinclair
    Anna Grace Merkley - Tradition

    November 2019
    Cesar Trevino - ECHS
    Alondra Sanchez - Heritage
    Zoe Sanchez - Legacy
    Ali Bakheet - Harmony
    Jesiah Villarreal-Abrego - Highland Forest
    Eddie Martinez - Oak Crest
    Aria Valle - Pecan Valley
    Aryel Gonzalez-Jimenez - Salado
    Reyna Jimenez - Sinclair
    Cameron Perkey - Tradition

    December 2019
    Frank Nguyen - ECHS
    Moises Villalobos - Heritage
    Isabella Gallardo - Legacy
    Sofia Palacios - Harmony
    Abel Gonzalez - Highland Forest
    Liana Castillo - Oak Crest
    Jameer Wolford - Pecan Valley
    Aaron Guajardo - Salado
    Avri Harris - Sinclair
    Teagan Cleveland - Tradition