Test Prep/Career Center


    Students and parents now have access to a helpful online resource that addresses a number of academic and college/career prep needs.
    To login to the Test Prep Center and Career Finder, click the link and find the Testing and Education Refrence Center link on the far right under the heading "New Resources"   click here.  
    This site has the following links:
    • Academic Skills Question Banks
    • EOC Prep
    • ACT Prep
    • SAT and SAT Subject Test Prep
    • CLEP Test Prep
    • AP Test Prep
    • PSAT Test Prep
    • Career Tools
    • Resume Builder
    • Scholarship Search

      For Adult learners: 
    • GMAT Prep
    • GRE Prep
    • LSAT Prep
    • MCAT Prep
    • MAT Prep
    • and many other resources!